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Business Insurance

What Types of Business Insurance are there?

  1. Commercial Auto: To insure your business vehicle. This differs from personal auto policies in some technical aspects. Ask your insurance agent for more details.
  2. General Liability: Financial protection in the event that your business is sued or held legally responsible for damage or injury.
    • Bodily Injury: Cost of care, loss of services, and restitution for death that results from injury.
    • Property Damage: Damage or loss of others' property.
    • Products-Completed Operations: Injuries resulting from a product or service your business provided.
    • Products Liability: Protects your company against lawsuits from Product-Completed Operations injuries.
    • Contractual Liability: Liability that you assume by entering into a variety of contracts
    • Other: Reasonable Use of Force, Borrowed Equipment, Liquor Liability, Non-Owned Vehicles (like air or watercrafts), Fire, Lightning, or Explosion Damage, Water Damage Liability Protection, Legal Defense Costs, Medical Payments, Personal Injury, Advertsing Injury, specialized liability protection for specific business types.
  3. You pay your premium. The insurance company agrees to pay your losses as defined in the policy

What is Workers Compensation Insurance?

  1. Provides fixed monetary awards for employees injured on the job.
    • Eliminates need for litigation. Creates an easier process for the employee.
    • Helps control employers' financial risks due to many states limiting how much an employee can recover from an employee.
  2. Many states require some form of it.
  3. Not health insurance. For injuries sustained on the job.
  4. In states that don't require it, still good to have if employees engage in hazardous activities.
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Why is Workers Compensation Insurance Necessary?

  1. In the workplace, even when reasonable efforts are made, accidents and injuries can still happen.
  2. Provided regardless of whether the employer or employee is found at fault.
  3. If interested, Workers Compensation insurance must be purchased as a separate policy.
    • Business Owners Policies sold as package policies still do not cover injuries for workers.
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